Our Menu - Hacienda Chicken Burrito

Hacienda Chicken Burrito


  • 596 Calories
54.65gr Protein 56.00gr Total Carbohydrate 13.84gr Total Fat 20.41gr Dietary Fiber

Whole Wheat Tortilla, Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Corn, Black Beans, Green Chiles, Monterey Cheddar Cheese, Enchilada Sauce

Heat Instructions: 
Pop the Top & Heat for 120-150 seconds. Enjoy!

Chicken Breast, Buffalo (Chicken Breast), Black Beans (Black Beans), Corn, Wheat Tortilla, Marinade, Buffalo (Hot Sauce), Cheese, Monterey Cheddar, Zucchini, Matchsticked, Pepper, Red, Sliced, Green Pepper, Onion, Red, Sliced (Red Onion)


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