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Frequently Asked Questions

Cooler Bag Delivery

Delivery destinations:
We deliver to North Carolina, Illinois and Colorado. (Southern California coming too).
Please reach out to us if you have a question about your delivery destination.

Delivery times:
Orders placed online by Thursday night at midnight will be delivered or ready for delivery on the following Tuesday. .

Delivery cost:
Delivery is $15 per order!

How does it work?

You scope out the menu for the week, choose your meals, whether you choose to shop by the item, by the pack, or by the pound, we have you covered.
For example, our Chef Specialty entrees are available in Regular and Large sizes. Our Chef Packs consist of a Chef's choice variety pack of the number of entrees you choose.

When do my meals arrive?

Orders placed by Thursday night by midnight will be delivered on Tuesday between 2pm and 6pm. This gives us time to source fresh ingredients to prepare your meals. Meals are prepared and delivered fresh for you to enjoy throughout the week. You will receive a text once our delivery staff have dropped off your meals.

How do I return my bags?

You can leave your empty outside your door for the delivery driver to pick up when they drop off your next delivery.